We are the PWER.ME foundation
& together with you, we are working towards a shared and balanced economic incentive for technological transition
Various transitions are changing the world around us. Our mission is for these transitions to be faster and more fair.
A goal that can only be accomplished if we allow everybody to participate in the new sustainable economy.

Local strategy, international ambition

Our strategy focuses on creating international interest for local initiatives. One of the key factors in realizing sustainable projects.
EV-charging facilities or hydrogen fuelling stations. The need for new service and infrastructure is huge.
A food forest is a forest that is planted and maintained to ensure sustainable food production and an enormous biodiversity.
Sustainable housing
Building sustainable housing and creating new ways to allow more people to participate in home ownership.
Energy transition
Solar, wind, grid storage, local production and usage. Our energy needs and usage are changing at a rapid pace.

News and updates

March 4th

The PWER.ME foundation joins the World Sustainable Energy Days in Wels (Austria) to propagate our vision and to help realize international projects and to find new participants and friends for the (new) projects.


January 18th

Supporters of the PWER.ME foundation planted 2020 trees. Each tree is provided with a RFID-tag and through our mobile application the trees growth and development is monitored and publicly available. These trees, consisting of 20 different varieties, present a metaphor for the sustainable assets that are shared through our platform with everybody that wishes to participate in the sustainable economy.

Trees can have multiple owners and can be shared with everybody.

Work together, share together, that is PWER.ME!


Our latest projects

E-mobility Enschede (NL)

In Enschede (NL) we are building Europe’s largest car-charging facility. With room for over 400 electric vehicles, this project is part of our vision of a fully electric future. When EV-charging opportunities are common, so will be EV-driving.

Foodforest Ermelo (NL)

We are working hard to create our first large foodforest in the Netherlands. Not only to increase the biodiversity in our own backyard, but also to establish a sustainable, fair and healthy food source.

Shared EV-facilities

Through PWER.ME, everybody can participate in our EV-Charging initiatives and share in the revenue. Be part of our innovative EV-charging and financing solutions and help accelerate the mobility transition.

Let's work together

Open to new projects and initiatives