Only together we can work towards a shared and balanced economic incentive for sustainable transitions

PWER.ME for a more sustainable economy

At PWER.ME, we are leading the charge towards a better, more sustainable economy. Through our innovative approaches and commitment to environmental stewardship, we are catalyzing significant changes across various sectors. At PWER.ME, we believe in a future where the economy operates in harmony with our environment, and every step we take is a stride towards making this vision a reality.

At PWER.ME, we believe in a future where the economy operates in harmony with our environment, and every step we take is a stride towards making this vision a reality.

'The PWER.ME Foundation Facilitates The Transition From Prosperity To Well-Being'

People experience 'well-being' when they participate and have influenceon a sustainable living environment & sustainable economy.

The foundation focuses on Energy, Mobility, Waste, Food, Health, Financial and Social transitions:

  • Sharing,
  • (local) participation
  • micro economies
  • cost minimization within the ecosystem.
PWER.ME directs the E-Mobility forum (on land, sea and air) of Diplomatic Council.

Diplomatic Council (Netherlands), has consultative status at the United Nations, combines a global think tank, a leading business network and a charitable foundation


Example: sharing energy

A sustainable energy installation, which generates electricity as well as heat and cold, is jointly managed by various participants. These participants can be, for example, homeowners’ associations, cooperatives or companies.

The PWER.ME Foundation ensures the realization of the project and any mutual settlement. We help manage the installation openly and honestly and monitor the fair distribution and distribution of profits to participants.


A participation can also easily be passed on to others by selling or donating it.

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Vakbeurs Energie 2023!
Last week, PWER.ME had an inspiring day at the Energy and Zero Emission Ecomobile Fair....


Wereldhavendagen 2023
Foundation PWER.ME, together with UPVolt, Purity, and Anxtrom, participated on September 1st, 2nd, and 3rd....


The Launch of our company and products in Sri Lanka

We are pleased to announce that the much anticipated launch of our business in Sri....


Visit to the Dutch embassy in Colombo (Sri Lanka)

On June 21, we participated in a business networking reception at the Dutch Embassy in....

Latest news and events

Wereldhavendagen 2023

Foundation PWER.ME, together with UPVolt, Purity, and Anxtrom, participated on September 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the Wereldhavendagen in Rotterdam. Here, we presented several innovative solutions for sustainable energy generation. We had the opportunity to share our vision for a sustainable world with many people and explain how our installations, 100% recycling as much as possible, contribute to this vision. Additionally, We were also able to help many people in developing plans to make their homes and businesses more sustainable. Over 400,000 people attended the event!


PWER.ME believes it is important that energy be generated locally and consumed locally as much as possible. The generation of energy should be as “clean” as possible. UPVOLT looks for the latest technical innovations in that field and installs renewable energy installations (thermal and electrical) for both individuals and companies.

With expert advice, professional installations and commitment to energy efficiency, we lead individuals and businesses to a greener future. One example is our new Solar Panel that also generates energy in ordinary daylight without sunlight. This panel is 98% Cradle to Cradle: it is almost entirely recyclable and can be used again to make new panels. This makes the panel environmentally friendly and it also has a higher efficiency, about 30% in the Netherlands! Together we are building a world of solar panels and boilers, heat pumps, charging stations and energy storage, among other things. UPVOLT’s focus is on quality and sustainability of self-sufficient energy production and storage.



E-ZR PWER installs and operates PWER Hubs at strategic locations in and around Colombo (Srilanka). This is mostly done at dealer and garage locations for (electric) scooters. These vehicles are produced locally at partner SL-Mobility in Colombo. Together we make mobility cheaper and cleaner. Everyone can co-invest in the PWER Hubs and benefit from the returns.


PWER.ME uses the Anxtrom platform to make large sustainable projects shareable, allowing everyone who participates to benefit from the transition to renewable energy and sustainable mobility solutions, for example.

Anxtrom opens the doors to a more transparent financial ecosystem. The platform democratizes investment opportunities by providing access to fractional shares in start-ups, companies and real estate. ANXTROM promotes not only financial growth, but also change on a global level. As part of this alliance, we are working towards a future where finance is fair, transparent and inclusive.



PWER.ME aims to make people aware of a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. This lifestyle will promote the well-being of people, animals and nature. focuses on organic (biological) sustainable products for the well-being of man, animal and nature and wants to make people aware of a healthier life and support them in doing so. Think of food supplements, care products and cleaning products.

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The PWER.ME foundation facilitates the transition from prosperity to well-being by stimulating all underlying transitions. According to the PWER.ME foundation, people experience ‘well-being’ when they participate and influence a sustainable living environment and economy.


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EViiGO charging stations Enschede
Food forest BIOFY Leuvenum
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