It was a very interesting and informative New Year’s celebration of Diplomatic Council (DC) with Hang Nguyen (Founder DC) , Andreas Dripke (Founder DC) , Nihal S. Samarasinha, Edward van Beek (Founder, Andreas Burk and Rob Heijtink (Chairman E-mobility Diplomatic Council) and Pawri Uzunhasanoglu.

Diplomatic Council is the global think tank, where diplomats, business leaders, scientists and society’s leaders connect and solve humanity’s greatest challenges. The booming economy that brings prosperity to humanity is one of the best guarantees for peace. Right now, we are experiencing several crises. Therefore, there is much work to do.

Meanwhile, the mobility transition is in full swing. With the advent of new technological developments, the automotive industry will continue to innovate and change significantly in the coming years. Think of the growth in the number of electric cars and the advent of self-driving cars. And of course the influence on the sustainable energy transition. I am in the middle of this as well.

Ambassador Prof. Dr. Heinrich Kreft, of the Diplomatic Council, spoke about the new security order in Europe. After the recent decisions to supply tanks and the openness of Western countries to supply fighter planes, the question is whether diplomacy can end the Russian war in Ukraine. The speech was analytical and honest.

The evening was musically accompanied by the Ruberg brothers. Furthermore, the informative and interesting program was presented by DC Secretary-General Hang Nguyen.

We look forward to the next DC event where we will present our vision and contribution on E-mobility and Energy Transition.


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Vakbeurs Energie 2023!

Last week, PWER.ME had an inspiring day at the Energy and Zero Emission Ecomobile Fair in the Brabanthallen ‘s-Hertogenbosch. We spoke to many people, exchanged ideas, and received positive responses.

Wereldhavendagen 2023

Foundation PWER.ME, together with UPVolt, Purity, and Anxtrom, participated on September 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the Wereldhavendagen in Rotterdam.

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