70th edition Diplomatic World Magazine

70th edition Diplomatic World Magazine

24 april 2023

On Monday, April 24, the PWER.ME Foundation attended the launch of the 70th edition of Diplomatic World Magazine at Ter Ham Castle.

Diplomatic World focuses on diplomacy, international relations and business around the world. It includes a collection of international publications, interviews with Royals such as Queen Mathilde of Belgium and President Vahagn Knachaturyan of Armenia and other Diplomats, visionaries and influential companies, among others. It also shares interesting visions from expert thinkers and inspirers from around the world. Diplomatic World aims to encourage dialogue between different #cultures and #communities through comprehensive coverage of important global #issues and provide a platform for global #collaboration.

The 70th edition of Diplomatic World magazine was a milestone for Diplomatic World. The event, which took place in Brussels, brought together leaders and diplomats from around the world to discuss the challenges facing the world today and to seek ways to address them.

The event also provided an opportunity to network and make new contacts with experts from different sectors and countries. His Royal Highness Prince Laurent of Belgium, numerous ambassadors, representatives of the diplomatic and consular corps, members of the EU Parliament and representatives of European business attended this celebration.

The theme of the 70th edition was “The Future of Diplomacy.” Speakers at the event emphasized the need for diplomacy and cooperation between countries and communities to address global challenges such as climate change, geopolitical tensions, economic inequality and social unrest.

During the launch, several speakers spoke about the important role diplomacy plays in solving global challenges. We are grateful that we were able to attend and will continue our efforts to promote dialogue and cooperation between different communities. With our connecting vision and international ambition, we look forward to future collaborations.

We would like to thank Barbara Dietrich for the invitation. We see the importance of this invitation to participate in this very nice event as we would like to share our vision, knowledge of and solutions for the sustainable Energy and E-mobility transition. In this we give the opportunity for everyone to participate and benefit. By doing so, we accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy thereby accelerating the transition from prosperity to well-being.

All in all, the 70th edition of Diplomatic World was an inspiring and informative event that highlighted the need for international cooperation and diplomatic relations to address the challenges of the future.

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