PWER.ME visits Flower Turbines Netherlands

PWER.ME visits Flower Turbines Netherlands

22 juni 2023

We were recently invited for a company visit at Flower Turbines in the Netherlands. As the PWER.ME Foundation, we constantly strive to discover and support innovations in renewable energy. The visit to Flower Turbines was an exciting step in that direction. It was a fascinating experience to see Flower Turbines in action and learn more about their operation, development and their vision for sustainability using wind as an energy source.

Flower Turbines is a beautiful company with a vision that caught our attention. The innovative wind turbines are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. They are smaller in size and can be placed in various locations, even in urban areas with limited space.

During our visit, we were warmly welcomed and given a demonstration and explanation of the Flower Turbines. The universality and versatility of these turbines made a positive impression on us. We believe they can have a distinct impact on the energy transition worldwide.

The vision of Flower Turbines, where technology meets harmonious nature, inspired us as PWER.ME Foundation. We look forward to the developments they have in store and will share more with you soon about this exciting new development.

Thanks for reading and keep following us for more exciting news in renewable energy!

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