PWER.ME explores electric flying in the Netherlands

PWER.ME explores electric flying in the Netherlands

22 juni 2023

As representatives of PWER.ME, we were warmly welcomed by the enthusiastic director, Mr. van Luijn. It was a special experience that gave us a glimpse of the announced future of electric flying and what impact it will have on our future mobility.

Upon arrival, we were immediately immersed in the atmosphere of innovation and sustainability. The location itself was breathtaking with a beautiful view of the runway surrounded by green fields. We were received with a warm welcome and given detailed explanations about the growth and future plans of the electric airport.

A tour of the base gave us a chance to experience electric flying up close. We were impressed by the advanced technology and commitment to launch sustainable aviation.
The most exciting moment of our visit was when we were able to see the electric aircraft up close and take a seat. The quiet power, with no emissions of individual gases, was a startling sight.
As a PWER.ME foundation, we are committed to the promotion of electric flying and would like to help support this innovative technology. We believe that sustainable aviation is not only an environmentally friendly option, but also an opportunity to transform the aviation industry and create new opportunities for future business cases.

Stay tuned to our developments and follow our journey towards a greener future for aviation. Together, we can make a difference.

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